Monday, July 20, 2009

Oy, busy day.......

I have been going and going all day long! Woke up this morning and went out right away to pick beans... I think I picked twice as many as last time... and didn't anticipate how long it would take me to sort and shell them all myself... took most of the morning! I had signed up to have new students over for dinner and had the ingredients for lasagne, but had to make the sauce from scratch, and also tried (successfully, thank you!) making yogurt cheese to replace the ricotta...and of course had to have garlic bread... in the middle of the afternoon I had a homeschool moms tea to go to, which really was needed but also threw me off a bit and kept me running until now! We didn't eat until almost 7, and our guests left not long ago. Whew. Feels good to sit down.

This morning I met with a lady who is interested in helping us! It is such a blessing to have house help here, especially as a homeschool mom and in a campus ministry - frees me up so much taskwise, and mentally too. This lady seems very fun and enthusiastic - I tend to mirror people's personalities, so someone who is open and bubbly will bring me out, and I need that. Till now we have had helpers live in with us, but I want to try having someone come in instead - each scenario has its own pros and cons...but we'll see how it goes.

This stamp is one that I'm giving away this week - be sure to click on the picture in the right column to enter the drawing if you haven't already! The winner will be announced Thursday the 23rd, and there will be one more *sweet* drawing before the end of July. The beach chair image is watercolored, using Derwent WC pencils. I love chair stamps, and beach stamps... so of course I would especially love a beach chair stamp, no?! ;) I masked the dots on the towel with Miskit Frisket masking fluid before that stuff. I cut the scalloped edge with my Fiskars rotary trimmer - anybody else still have one of those? :)

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  1. what a fun & pretty card love the watercolor and I also love masking fluid great stuff

  2. Great card! Love the colors! I have never tried the masking fluid, but it sounds easy to use. Hope your bubbly lady works out for house help. We'd certainly rather have you that way too : )

  3. I love your watercoloring! And there is that embossed edge that is your style...tee hee. I'm glad you came to see my blog where I had mentioned you - I'm sure everyone MUST know who you are. I've been following you for years...

    I hope the house help works out for you - I'm sure it's going to be a blessing for both of you!

  4. Fantastic watercoloring!!!!

  5. Your card is beautiful. So soft and pretty.

    I pray that your new house help will work out well. Sounds like you can really use her.