Thursday, May 14, 2009

stuff of life.....

Elliot, my little guy, gave us a scare yesterday...he has had this weird sore on the bottom of his foot, like a blister, but thicker - he said he had been bitten by an ant, but he's 3, so who knows if he stepped on something or what happened. Anyway, we have been trying to have him soak it in epsom salts...I could tell there was some dirt or something still irritating it inside, but he wouldn't let us clean it out. Russ tried removing the outer layer of skin to clean it but even after that there was dirt inside it. I just taught that health class, you know, so I'm all hyper-vigilant about symptoms, and was worried of course about tetanus, though he's had his shots... Wednesday night he threw up, then again on Thursday he threw up, and for an hour or 2 just sat there with his mouth wide open and drooling everywhere. Weird. Not just like mouth-breathing open, like unnaturally widely open. I couldn't help but be concerned about lockjaw, so figured we'd better get him checked out. He had, of course, closed it by the time we got to the hospital... but the nurses were able to clean his wound out well, and they also gave him an antibiotic 'just in case'. Where he would have fought and screamed with us, he laid perfectly still and quiet for them...sigh...just thankful to have had that help for him! He seems to be doing lots better today.

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  1. SO glad you were able to get him the help he needed! I've never heard of symptoms like that, but in your part of the world... who knows what it might be. Glad he's better!

  2. Oh my gosh, Dina!! I hope he is even better today! He is such a cutie!!

  3. Oh my, Dina, the interesting life you lead! I have prayed for him and for the safety & health of your entire family!