Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

These are the cards I sent to our Moms...they'll arrive late, but hopefully not with any less love than they were made with. Each of the kids signed inside and drew pictures (Evan drew a picture of his appendix scar...sigh...boys...) and that was a fun time. Last year on Mother's Day we were home on furlough, at my Mom's house, and spent the afternoon with my parents and my Granny - 4 generations. Very, very special memories! Aw, here's a picture, just for fun. Love you Mom! (Wow, can't believe how much my daughter has changed in a year! and aren't those tulips gorgeous?!)I ordered a bunch of charms and findings from a bulk place in Hong Kong that offered free international the heart is one of the designs I got. I have a few more on order. I thought the prices were great, and we've talked about teaching some of the girls here to make earrings and other jewelry, so I'm not worried about having bunches. The rose below is from Impression Obsession, and the sentiment is from smARTworks.

This hummingbird scene is from Creative Impressions (apparently coming soon again under the company name "Talkabout Images" - I got it on a full sheet at a convention a few years ago. Love the hummingbirds and columbines. The scene is watercolored, and I added some olive Shimmerz over the birds. Just ended my day with a just-for-me vanilla cream pie. Next time...more filling, no meringue! Happy day everyone!
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  1. Happy Mother's Day!
    Beautiful cards!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Dina!
    I hope you hada great day.

    God bless

  3. These are beautiful! Happy Mother's Day, girlfriend!

  4. Your Mother's Day cards are gorgeous! I hope that you had a very special day!

  5. Wonderful MD cards! I especially like the hummingbird card - the colors and the watercloring. So soft. I wish for you a year of Mother's Days. You seem a great Mom! Your 4 generation photo is such a tribute, such a memory.