Saturday, April 18, 2009


Still laughing at myself, and the simple things I have had to ask for help with today...opening a can, a pill bottle, rolling out dough...I'm not in steady throbbing pain like I was at first yesterday but I can sure tell if I try to bend or flex my thumb the wrong way. Sigh...

I had this project done already before I sprained my thumb, so it was just a matter of getting a picture taken. This is a candy box that previously held peanut M&M type candies...I find I often buy things for the packaging, since it's sometimes hard to find unfinished items to alter here.

I've been on a grungy shabby chic kick lately, and this project was no exception...though it turned out a little dirtier than I planned because I had black ink still in my stipple brush. Nevertheless....I like this little box. Not sure when I will have an opportunity to give it as a gift, but it will be ready. :) The heart wreaths are from Our Daily Bread designs' newly released set "Love One Another" - they are super fun to color! I used Prismacolor pencils again to color them in.

Our missions students returned Wednesday after a 3 month culture/language practicum in a tribal area. We had them all over for pizza tonight (3 families) - I made 6 pans and there is 1 piece left! So great to have them back again. Hard to believe this semester will be over in 5 weeks...

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  1. Hi Dina :) Have you noticed that most of your bodily injuries are sports related ??? I think I'd stick to a safer one you can usually only get papercuts in ? lol. Love the heart wreaths. Take care <><

  2. Heather (USA OH)4/19/2009 8:54 AM

    Love the box! Sorry about your thumb :( We don't realize how much we use something till it hurts. 1 piece of pizza left?!? Guess it's yours! LOL Thanks for sharing your project and your injury so we can keep you in our prayers .. not that we don't anyway :) God bless and quick recovery!

  3. How very cool, Dina!! Amazing coloring. Hope your thumb is back to normal soon!

  4. I hope your thumb gets better!! Another fab creation!! Amazing colors!!