Thursday, March 05, 2009


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Well, I have earned myself a day off from teaching today...I think I can talk louder here than I can in person - my voice is GONE! The kids will be glad to have movie time and time to play with the treasures we found in town yesterday (an Indiana Jones play set with hat and soft stuffed whip (so cute!), some Lord of the Rings action figures, and a really cute Noah's Ark ABC puzzle, where the animals link together in a long line, each with a corresponding letter of the is hard to find good quality toys here at a good price)

...I have a huuuuuuuuuge to-do list anyway! On top of the unfinished cards on my desk and new releases on the way, I have taken on the challenge of updating the school's health course book to make it more practical for the students to use once they are serving interior - it has not been updated for 12 years, and just could be better streamlined. And the course is tentatively scheduled 2 weeks away (I think I can push that back though, since we are revamping things). I have my work cut out for me...right now I am translating a broad outline of the book into English so I know what I have to work with and can enlist outside help...I'm about halfway through that.

To top it off, my littlest guy threw up 2x yesterday while we were in town, and sustained a fever the rest of the day, so we are keeping a careful eye on him too, especially since that is about how things started a couple years ago when another son had Dengue fever. Those of you that pray for have your list now!

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  1. your Easter Hymn card is so beautiful Dina!