Friday, February 13, 2009

Creating a scene...part 2

Scene card number 2! UGH, our power has been off and on all day... We normally have scheduled outages on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from about 9am till 4pm or so…but this is Friday, for heaven’s sake! No fair. We have been having some weird windy storms this week, though – surely it’s related to that, and not scheduled. Earlier the wind was flipping a sheet of plywood around our front porch like a piece of paper! I’m glad it didn’t come through the window… Also, in case you heard about an earthquake in our area – it was about 195 miles north of us, and we didn’t feel it at all.

On to the card. This is a purchased diecut card I found in a sale bin in FL on furlough...I thought it would be fun to use the 3 windows to highlight the lighthouse's top (Our Daily Bread designs' Keep My Lamp Burning set), and the quote that comes with the set, divided in two parts. I couldn't leave the rest of the card plain though - I have a fear of too much white on cards in general - so I decided to create a scene on the card front.

I began the same way as the previous card, masking off the shape of the hill in the foreground. I sponged the hill, then removed the mask, and covered my sponged hill with the portion of the mask I had cut out (hill shaped). I placed the horizon mask above the horizon, then used the cut-out part of the hill mask to cover the hill while I filled in the water. The water is a unique color...I had originally sponged it in with Adirondack just didn't look realistic. I was imagining a West Florida beach, and that water is more olive I sponged olive green over the blue. A little weird...but it's sort of cool too. I used Sand colored craft ink (Fabrico?) to fill in the sand area, then created some crashing waves and wave lines with white acrylic paint.
The second jetty was masked off next...with a mask over the first hill, and the water, and a mask creating the line outline of the jetty. With the water still covered, I added the clouds, masking and applying chalk ink to the edge of a scalloped circle punch. The lighthouse is a stamp I had custom made for myself. Other stamp credits:

Sea Oats: I Love Rubber Stamps
shorter grass: Biblical Impressions
birds: TAC (Light the Path set)
If I have time someday (I think that is maybe wishful thinking?!?!) I may pull together a step by step tutorial if there is interest in that sort of thing...thoughts?
Blessings on your day................
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  1. This is really neat Dina :) I love the new lighthouse stamps! and you are a way more patient stamper than I am....heheheh

  2. Both of your scene cards are fab! I appreciate your thought process on both cards. A tutorial would be great for us but a pain for you I'm sure. Maybe a bit at a time. I'm sky challenged...hint, hint.

  3. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first one - but this is *stunning*. I love the insets of b&w, I *love* the color of the water.... There is not one single thing I don't love about this card! Gorgeous.