Friday, December 12, 2008


Do people actually fall for this stuff?

- Attn: Beneficiary!!Courage my dear, I know you will be waiting for the arrival of your Consignment contain the total amount of your ( $ 2.5million ) cash payment compensation which I was to sent to you and letter return back due to wrong address provided, I think there is a mistake in the address giving to me and that has cost me a lot of strength, but I thank God that it return back safely. The only things now is your urgent contact directly to ( FedEx Courier Express Company) this company are in charge of delivering your consignment box contain the ($ 2.5million ) Again let me repeat. Contact Person: Mr. Maxwell Shagan Managing Director ...For the purpose of clarification, It is advice that the entire fee has been paid for your delivery so it's probably $98 usd dollar that remains that you will sent to their security office for the safe keeping fee of your returning box so far. don't be misconceived by anybody, and be advised to reconfirm.YOUR COUNTRY;;;;;;; YOUR FULL NAME;;;;;;;;;OCCUPATION;;;;;;;;; HOME ADDRESS;;;;;; PASS PORT;;;;;MOBIL PHONE NUMBER;;;;;;;;; OFFICE NUMBER;;;HOME NUMBER;;;;;;;; AGE;;;;; SEX;;;;;;;;.In addition to what i said earlier please … don't dispose the content of the box to them, avoid delay and finally endeavor to indicate this CODE N°(GL-14160) this code shows that you are the rightful owner of the box deposited in their company, use it as your subject when contacting them, thanks and have a nice day.Best Regards, Mr Joseph Zulus,

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  1. hey- all it takes is one gullible/naive person per the thousands they attempt to fall for it- they probably make more money at this than we all do, sadly.....and your bear card is lovely :)

  2. I just deleted one of those today! They're crazy! I was born at night but not last night!!

  3. My favorite part: "don't be misconceived by anybody..." ;0) hehe

    ~ dana c