Saturday, December 06, 2008

Exhausted! won again! and another new set.

1. Ugh...we were out shopping all day! It was actually a pretty productive trip, but such a busy day in town - I wanted to get as much done as we could for Christmas in one shot, because Christmas shopping & traffic here are completely insane. If you thought things were crazy in the Western world, where traffic is basically orderly and people actually form lines...(sisters in developing countries, can I get a witness?) We split up to start, and I went to the grocery store by myself - I ended up near having a panic attack just from the amount of people in the store. Not cool.

2. I won another prize! This one was at Paper Craft Planet - I tagged some cards to match Day 7's theme (7 swans a'swimming = elegant, and black & white looks elegant, so the challenge was to post black & white cards. I found quite a few to share! Click here to see the card that won....(I'll just pretend it wasn't a random drawing!) The sponsor of the day's prize was Verve Stamps ...can't wait to see what Julee sends me!

3. Here's a card I finished up last week using the new 'Birdhouse Trio' set from smARTworks. This stamp set was created from a photo I took of a birdhouse at my Aunt's house in SW Oregon...they have a beautiful place on a hillside overlooking a river...sigh...anyway, loved this birdhouse that sat on their back porch.

The birdhouse itself is stamped with 3 shades of chalk ink. I created the 'stand' by masking and sponging the same shades. The rest of the scene is created with multiple stamps stamped multiple times. I applied the rose chalk ink 'direct-to-paper' to give the scene a misty look. Susan kept talking about sentiments on torn vellum, applying the vellum to her adhesive before tearing it.......she apparently does not use red-liner sheets! That is almost impossible to tear. Anyway, thanks for the idea, Susan - I do like the look!

OK - that's all for me - I'm going to bed!!

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  1. What a cool birdhouse!! Love the vellum sentiment. in a foreign country...I feel your pain!
    hugs, Jami