Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wheelbarrow thanks

I should be feeling more holiday-ish, but we're not celebrating Thanksgiving until Saturday. Here's a Fall-ish thankful card though - I don't think I've shared this one yet! The wheelbarrow image is from Impression Obsession (the link is to the unmounted stamp in the clearance section - great prices there!), and it's colored with Prismacolor pencils. There are embroidered French knots on the flowers. Not sure where the orange came from, except I remember at the time I was in a blue/brown/tan rut, and wanted to get myself out of it. Orange is definitely out of the rut!

I did put my Christmas tree up this week...I would so normally wait until after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is so late on the calendar this year that I just couldn't stand it anymore. It's been 2 years since I got to put up my own Christmas decorations (last year we were on furlough). So I have 2 trees up, a 7 foot one and a 3 foot one, my Willow Tree nativity, and lights in the front window. Here was something I didn't expect, though - we have these little house lizards called cicaks (pronounced like chee-chucks), and apparently they lay eggs...and have been hanging out in my Christmas tree box for a while now. Weird, huh? Eww.

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  1. Hey, CUTE picture of you - so young & carefree : )
    I don't blame you for putting up your tree early. Mine goes up Thanksgiving day or just after & I keep it up as long as possible! I like the little house lizard eggs - they're like mini snowballs! Have a blessed Thanksgiving (on Saturday) & may you recall all the things you have been blessed with this year!

  2. Hey Dina :) I'm thankful for you :) and your little house guests look like winterberries! I think you'd pay extra for that in the states! When do they hatch out ????? heheheh. Oh yeah- I like your new photo too. Happy Thanksgiving <3 Sue

  3. Sweet card - love the orange, it's so warm!! Are the lizards cute at least? Ya, that would kinda freak me out a bit!!

    We haven't put up a tree yet, by my neighbors below us put theirs up on Halloween!! That's early!! lol!
    hugs, Jami

  4. Eewwww......the little eggs are cute, but I would not like the lizards scooting around the house!
    Your card is just delightful and so warm! I hope you had a good celebration today!