Friday, November 07, 2008

Like a long lost friend...

OK, 'fess up - how many of you had a Raggedy Ann doll when you were growing up? I did - a handmade one, with an Andy doll too. When I saw this stamp from Impression Obsession...................well, you know. I watercolored the image, and put some layers together. I love how the watercolor pencils allow you to add deep shading in tight places.

I keep seeing stick pins on cards, and wondered if they weren't pokey...but I had a couple of these stashed away, and thought I'd try it - and I'm ok with it, just so you know. I love how the pin pulls together the homespun theme.

I spent some time organizing yesterday - since I'd pulled out stamps from my UM binders to sell, I had a bunch of empty spaces, and I wondered if I couldn't get the content of 3 binders down to 2 binders so I could use the 3rd one for my ODBD stamps...and I did! I'll share my stroke of storage genius on that one with you another day. I also added a shelf above my other shelf so stuff wasn't so layered and stacked. Just trying to simplify a bit.

On the stamp auctions...there's very rarely any mad bidding on RSA, so if there's something you're interested in, go for it. I'll even change any auction to a buy-it-now if you can't wait till the auction end. :)

OK! We have an extra child in the house for a sleepover, and my little guy is determined to undermine the girls' Barbie play..........better go!

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  1. Aww - Raggedy Ann, you are such a doll! :-)
    ~ dana c

  2. What a fantastic stamp, and a gorgeous card, Dini! You are not alone with fond memories of Raggedy Ann. I'm a fanatic!! I have the old original books, several dolls, and a year-round tree devoted to Raggedy.
    Anne Marie

  3. Ooh wee...I think I found another stamp that I HAVE to have! LOL!

  4. A beautiful and nostalgic card. So bright and cheerful and I love those stick pins too!