Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maybe roses would make me feel better...

So there were the parasites, and I started taking the meds on Saturday - started to feel better, just weak and medicine-head-y... then Tuesday someone's burning trash triggered my allergies, and knocked me down again...Tuesday night my sinuses rebelled and Wednesday I had a full-blown cold, plus felt dizzy and headache-y (oh, forgot to mention that my 4YO was up Tuesday night puking, and I didn't get any sleep)...and my period started! *whimper* Today...I've got to go in to town with the other ladies to go grocery shopping...I haven't gone shopping since before DH went into the hospital, so it's been 4 weeks, and that was for bare basics. Shelves are getting empty, and I can't send my FULL grocery list with friends...a couple times I've had them pick up basic stuff for me, but we're beyond that now. Sigh........................

So...some roses to make me feel better...and I hope you like them too! All stamps are from Firecracker Designs by Pamela's Paper Roses set...which is on SALE right now (reg. 8.99, now 7.99) This rose is watercolored, but I used a white glaze pen before painting to create some highlights. The glaze ink resists the watercoloring.
One of my best friends bought me that background paper when she was traveling on another island - isn't that sweet? I love those gifts where someone sees something and thinks of me. The text says: "Forever for is a flower of which love is the honey." (Typical Asian English product that doesn't make sense....but it's pretty!) This rose is colored with Prismacolor pencils. It's a challenge to color a white rose!!
Watercolored again. I masked the roses first using the masking fluid Grumbacher's Miskit Frisket. (Please say that out loud for me a couple times - it so makes me smile.......LOL) This allowed me to do the color wash right over the roses instead of having to be so careful painting around them. Nice stuff, and it rubs off just like rubber cement. It's basically liquid latex.

OK - need to get off the "pooter" (as my 2YO calls it) and get my starving son some breakfast (he says the funniest things...he just told me, "MOM, if you're sick and your stomach is empty, you will die!")

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  1. Wow, that old saying is true, "No rest for the weary!" Hope you're able to get some rest after all your busyness is finished. Hugs to you!!!

  2. You should not be allowed to be sick and watercolor. No fair. Now I need those roses.... Roses always make me feel better too!

  3. They are all so beautiful! Hope you start feeling better quickly. What a time you're having lately!!

  4. So sorry you're feeling bad - hopefully everything will be back to normal soon for you.

    Thx so much for the heads-up on the sale at Firecracker Designs - I LOVE SALES


  5. So sad to hear you are not feeling good Dina.
    I am kind of jeaulous because you can create beautiful cards when you are sick, I can't {insert sad face}

    Hope you feel better soon.
    God bless

  6. Oh Dina, I certainly hope that your roses make you feel better!!! They are all so beautiful. I am always so impressed with your watercoloring...I can only practice, practice, practice and hope to come close :-)

  7. Oh Dina, I am so very sorry you continue to have such a rough time!!! I sure hope you're feeling better. I *love* what you do with these roses, your work is so beautiful!!

  8. WOW! These are absolutely amazing creations!! I hope things will get better soon! Take care! ((HUGS))