Monday, September 15, 2008

My happy place.........

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my little happy stamping's not much, but it's mine, and there's a lot crammed in it, and all within I can't complain. :) This is it, really! Except for my 12x12 paper, which is stashed in one of DH's cupboards. Hm, what's to see here...? My House Mouse collection on top of my custom inkpad holder... My paper storage unit is actually a shoe storage unit! Those drawers turn down, and I have paper stacked inside. It works...note the duct tape that is strengthening the drawers.....
Here's the paper storage unit open - full sheets of cardstock are underneath, with scraps on top stored in heavy-duty page protectors. On top there, some journals, catalogs, books to dig into, a jar of flowers and a jar of ribbon scraps.
Pencils, pens, general junk holder...
Bits and bingies in old spice jars, a photo holder that I made...holding a picture of a stamping friend I met through my blog who lives in Russia...the nametag I made for Stampfest, and an angel made last year from my little guy's foot and hands!
......and the CD spinner that holds the bulk of my non-DT unmounted holds 144 cases total.

There you go, a tour of my desk!

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  1. Sweet!!
    Should I pack all my stuff and take it with me? I don't know whether to take it or leave it behind??
    Ugh! Decisions! *sigh*

    ~ dana c

  2. My stamping space is small as yours. Just buying little by little.
    Great organization with your stuff.

    God bless