Friday, March 14, 2008

Thinking of you....

You'd laugh at me if you saw me, maybe...I'm sitting in a car (it's not even mine! Ours is in the shop) at a public park where they have free WIFI, downloading 6500 fonts, which I had downloaded the other day and it took forever...then something happened to our computer and I had to restore it to an earlier day...I deleted the font files off my flash drive, and when I restored the computer, they were gone from the hard drive as well! here I am again. Guess the Lord knew I needed some quiet time! I had an appointment in town, and the carseats are in the van at the shop - so here I am, just me.

I love this "Letter Girl" set from smARTworks...growing up I used to write letters constantly...back in the day before email. And I just started a multi-page letter to a dear friend yesterday, just like old here's "letter girl" today. I love the idea of monochromatic images, so this one is stamped in black and shaded in brown. If I remember right, I used Adirondack Espresso ink and applied it with a waterbrush.

The leaves are stamped using a faux watercolor technique done with Versamagic chalk inks...basically you mist the paper with water and stamp, let the whole thing dry, then ink and mist your stamp and overstamp the original impressions. It's a neat effect.

On the dark brown panel, I used a Castaway pad with the flourish images from the T.Y. Flourish set. Kinda neato! I guess it's just a surprise every time, seeing what color the images will turn out - in this case, for some reason, they turned green, so that became my color scheme for the card.

Not sure what that embellishment is supposed to be, but it was on sale at the Dollar Tree so I bought it. ;) It works here - I like the squareness of it.

Thanks for checking on me!!


  1. PERFECT! Love everything about this card.

  2. Sweet card! I love the monochromatic look & the embellishment works, just like you said. I can't figure out what it is either! Hope your car is well soon & things get back to normal with the computer - it's strange how much we depend on them, isn't it?

  3. I would go completely NUTS with 6500 fonts :) and that's the $35 Dollar Tree for me...'cause I rarely get out of there for less! Blessings my CSSC :)

  4. I bought this stamp, but haven't tried it yet (I'm just starting to really focus on learning to color). Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh I just really love this! The earthy colors are great and that is a fabulous stamp and a nice layout!

  6. oh thats so cutie!! i fall in love with those u did beautiful coloring earth tones..lovely