Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happiest place on earth.

I think this might be the only picture proving that I was actually there, and this is in Downtown Disney, outside the Magic Kingdom - I just realized there are not any pictures of me inside the park...but I had lots of fun with perfect lighting and overcast skies taking great pictures of my kids! Fun stuff. The weather was kind of a great idea as the sun peeked through high clouds was to leave our hooded jackets in the car..........duh Mom! The weather got progressively colder and drizzlier (?!) as the day went on. The kids had fun though - although you can never do all you want to do in a day. They had a special for FL residents so we upgraded to a 4 day play pass which lasts 6 months, so we'll have some fun time before we go home to Indo. My DD got an autograph/photo book so we could have her picture with all the princesses...but we didn't find them all. So I told her when we go back, that will be our goal. She wasn't into much of the adventure stuff or rides, but loved searching for the characters (did it use to be like that when we were little? I remember them just walking around, not having to line up for photo ops). We did find Jasmine and Aladdin, and Minnie, and then...mainly just (sorry...) "lesser" characters like Pinocchio, Woody/Jessie, the Fairy Godmother, a penguin from Mary Poppins.............oh well. It was hard too, having one little princess and 3 little pirates, having to split up to be able to do the things the older 2 who really "got it" wanted to do. I usually ended up with 3 and the stroller, while Dad went off with the oldest to do the "fun" stuff. I was really disappointed in the Tiki room too - isn't the charm of it the same ol' hokey routine? Now they're "under new management" and Iago and Zazoo come and want to change it all to modern songs and they anger the Tiki gods - so it was all different and short and loud and my daughter was scared....sigh....

But I did have fun! Really! I love that you can let go and be a kid there and no one cares. After this last year I loved the anonymity of it, and the kidness of just being there and sharing it with my kids.

I still find this amusing - they have this promo for "The Year of a Million Dreams", and in the fine print at the bottom it says "For residents of Canada, a mathematical skill-testing question must be correctly answered to win any prize." Cracked me up, so I asked someone - apparently it's to meet requirements for Canada's tax laws or something like that, where out-of-country winnings are acceptable if there was some kind of achievement involved. Makes sense - but it's still funny to me!

My battery's going to die! TTYL!


  1. So fun!! I've never been...I'll bet the kids loved it!

    Quick! What's 19+22? You can't be my friend unless you tell me!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time ;)