Thursday, November 22, 2007

shout out for Passionate for Scrappin' It

Big thanks to Ann for sending me over to Passionate for Scrappin' It! They are having a huuuuuuuuuuuuge clearance sale - awesome stuff too! If you use Bazzill cardstock or any variety of patterned paper, brads, diecuts, etc... and want to stock up, you have to check this out. Most of the clearance prices are 50% off, then if you use the coupon code "thanks" you receive an additional 20% off through the end of November...there's also an additional 5-10%discount depending on your order total, and a discount for either referring or being referred by a friend! Great stuff. (Hey, if you do order from them, you can put my name in the referral space - Dina Kowal, with email address [oryswife at yahoo dot com]. Thanks!)

I've also been super impressed with their customer service so far - there was a discrepancy on my billing address, and they emailed right away to confirm, then emailed again for a little more information to make sure my package got to the right place. Very personal and thoughtful. I love their philosophy of business too:

"...we hope to make your experience feel like you have just stepped
into a home town store, where the clerk (who was working hard to
make sure the store exceeded customers' expectations) stopped to greet
you with a personalized "hello" and smile, gave you assistance as needed
(helping you find exactly what you were looking for), rang up your
merchandise with the same friendly demeanor you were greeted
with, thanked you sincerely for your business, handed you a personal business
card in case you had any questions about your purchase or needed anything
special in the future, and chatted with you while walking you to the door,
requesting that you come back soon (even though the request was not necessary
because the whole way to the door you were already thinking about how
you couldn't wait to come back...and bring your friend with you), all from
the comfort of your own home."

Go shop!

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