Saturday, November 17, 2007


We made it through our big party last night - we ended up with probably around 80 people in our house (if you exclude the bedrooms, our house is basically one open room, so that worked). I felt myself turning into a turnip, as the day wore on...but once people started showing up I surprised myself. I'm not a big group or party person, but there was such an element of joy in our time last night - thanking the Lord for the blessing of this house, and others giving thanks for the blessing of us here...anyway, it was fun!

It poured all day long, so instead of the typical tarp-covered event outside, we ended up bringing everyone in...normally people here would only have their closest friends and most important guests inside for the 'ceremony' part of the evening, but since we only invited they came, culturally 'normal' or not. It was amazing to see, from start to finish, the willingness of everyone to help and guide us in every detail. I'm thankful, just a few weeks before we come home on furlough to share about our ministry here...for how loved we are. So blessed.

Now the countdown to heading Stateside...3 weeks from Monday...and lots to do before then...mostly sorting and packing again.

I don't have anything stamped to share today...I've been plugging away on those Christmas cards and I think I'll have about 50 done when I finish this batch. Most of them just need a stamp inside and their baby Jesus attached. :) I do have some partial cards still on my desk and one of the pieces should work for Jen's Sketch this we'll see if I can get it put together.

I made homemade donuts for the first time today.....ooooooh yum.


  1. So glad to hear that it went well, and how wonderfully encouraging it must have been. I was praying for you this afternoon (although of course with the time dif, you were probably all done already!) Good luck with the furlough prep!

  2. Yikes! Can't even imagine that many people in my house at once! Glad everything worked out fine & that you didn't remain a "turnip". I know you're all getting excited about that upcoming furlough. God has certainly blessed your family - you've gone through some tough times, but He's always faithful! Hoping your day is a blessed one!!!

  3. Praise God for that blessing! Hey, can you email me a Christmastime mailing address for you?

  4. Dina,
    Glad to all went well and you enjoyed it. Have a safe trip back to the USA.

    I like your new color pencil blog header!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!