Tuesday, October 23, 2007

not-so-shabby-more-like-chic scarecrow

This card is a far cry from my other scarecrow cards...somewhere in me, though, there is a girly bone...

Guess this was a collision of several things...I have some cheapo punchout scrapbook frames left over from this summer, which were sitting on my desk, waiting for an idea to strike. Felt like doing a "bright" card...and needed something to be in the window of the frame. I initially stamped Bogie, my melancholy giraffe, stuck him in the window just to see, and said to myself, "Nuh uh." Then I remembered Donna's sweet girly scarecrow card and out came this. Whoa.

OK, quick deets - all stamps are from smARTworks - I used 2 sets on this card - Scarecrow and High Hopes (this is one of the sayings that comes with the giraffe...though I didn't use him, I thought the scarecrow's eyes were looking up enough to fit the saying...!) Prismacolor pencils, a little Sakura clear glaze pen, a little foam tape to pop the scarecrow out a bit. The flower is covered with paper, and sanded lightly. And yes, she does have some little added eyelashes. I couldn't help myself. ;) Can you believe...I even painted my toenails yesterday. What's happening to me??! LOL (I didn't go so far as my fingernails though...just not my thing...though my 4YO DD implored me..."Mom, you just gotta have faith - you just gotta believe that you can do it!" Hilarious. But, no.



  1. She is absolutely adorable -- I love that big flower in the background!

  2. Em is toooo funny! :0] And this card is cute.

  3. Too cute...I am not girly at all either, but I do like your card!!! She is adorable.

  4. very fun card---I really like the buttons!!!!!

  5. I absolutely love the unexpected colors here! :)