Tuesday, September 18, 2007

once in a lifetime friend

OK, here's one of those "oops" cards. So, whaddya think...if those girls were on a stamp would you buy it? I've been on an endless quest for a stamp like this, two ladies either hugging or one with an arm around the other, not a happy face cute one but a solemn, quiet moment kind of one, for either a "I treasure your friendship" card or an "I'm here for you" card. Can't find one that I like. All cutesy and happy smiley. I do like those too...I'm far from a lot of friends that have to just get hugs by mail...but anyway, sometimes happy smiley hugs are just not appropriate.

Anyway... I have a habit of doodling while I wait for my son to finish his math, and the other day while I was doodling, I thought - hey, I could just draw my own stamp...so, here's the result of that. I sketched it in my lesson planner, took a picture of it, cleaned it up a bit on the computer, and here it is. I have a couple things to clean up on it, then I think I may pitch it to my favorite stamp company (wink, wink) and see if they'd like to give it a go in a set with some appropriate quotes or sayings. I'd love to have it in rubber. Anyone else? Thoughts/suggestions?

I have a particular weakness, too, for back views of people. Not sure why that is...gives a lot of possibilities for stamping in what someone might be looking at, and also leaves a lot to the imagination as to what they might be thinking about. Good stuff. And besides, faces are hard to draw...!

The saying is from smARTworks - I think the set is called Friends Trio. The patterned paper is a free download from the Sun Porch collection at Shabby Princess. Flowers, gingham brad and the tag were in a care package from Jacki - one of the few of my "imaginary" friends that I've actually met!


  1. Hi Dina,just wanted to know what kind of paper do you print your background on. I too printed off a couple after you gave me the links, but printing them on copier paper doesn't give them the look i want.

  2. Hey Na,

    I love this idea---I think it would make a great stamp-could be used in so many ways


  3. I really like this too.
    There are so many times in life you could use this kind of stamp.
    Would be good for those times when you can't be near someone you love who needs to know you care when things aren't going as they hoped.

  4. You make it and I'll buy it. As soon as I saw the card, I went scrambling to see who makes the stamp as that looks just like me with my lifetime friend. LOVE IT

  5. I would buy it! You are so talented...and I love the sentiment. I have a friend like that...a forever friend! TFS!

  6. have you tried Office Max? They can make a stamp out of anything. You just bring in your drawing & they make the stamp. Of course, it's always cool to get it picked up by a stamp company, too...

  7. I hope you do submit that stamp -- I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Wonderful stuff as usual!