Tuesday, August 21, 2007

blue Christmas again.

Here we go with the Christmas cards again...not at all snowy in this part of the world, though...the baby dumped out a bunch of sugar in the kitchen the other day, which my husband threw out in the grass, and after it got rained on it did look quite a bit like a patch of snow....

This is the bear from smARTworks' "Polarized" set. I'm guessing from the name of the set that someone meant him to be a polar bear. Oops.

Bear is colored with Prismacolor pencils. I watercolored the sky with a waterbrush, picking up ink from the lid of my Adirondack Denim inkpad. The snow is acrylic paint, dotted with my embossing stylus.

"Snow" is done with smARTworks Alpha02 set, and I wrote in "let it" by hand. More eyelets I've been hoarding. Time to start using things up...make room for the shtuff I can get when we come home in December...

One more fun thing - check out my Happy Hoppers card on HMStamps' Card(s) of the Month! (Thanks, Jovita, for the images!)


  1. Love the card. That bear is so cute. You did lovely things with this art.

  2. adorable! I think your bear is cute...even if he isn't a polar bear!

    I love how everything works so well together!