Friday, August 03, 2007

birthday shakers

Here are the 6 cards I've been mass-producing - I finally got the final steps done and they're ready to mail. I think I like them better in the picture...but they're done, and that's the point. They were fun to make, too. Something like shaker cards with so many steps - just easier to make a bunch at once.

This is the same layout I used on the previous card, but with 3 patterns instead of 2. Can you tell I'm trying to use up some of my older "uncool" paper? I do love the funky flowers though...I've just had it for probably 3 years and haven't ever used with a move and trip to the States on the not-too-far-distant horizon, the idea of hoarding is losing its glory.

No need to reinvent the wheel - here are instructions on making a shaker card by Beate Johns at SCS. It's basically just a little paper, acetate and foam tape sandwich with some shaky stuff inside. Someone had sent me a ton of this little glitter confetti and I just uncovered it while cleaning out stuff the other day, so thought this would be a fun use. I have stars, flowers, and hearts. Stars in these ones - save the others for another batch. :) Basic sandwich - scalloped square with punched out square (punch the smaller square first), acetate taped to that layer, foam tape around the window with no gaps, filler in the little 'dish' you create, then your colored layer.

Stamp Credits: cupcake - smARTworks; HB - Biblical Impressions.

Woke up this morning after a hard rain with water leaking through the walls in our entryway - we have been using that area as sort of a 'mud room' so there were some boxes that were damaged, but thankfully the contents were fine - I say thankfully, because 2 of the boxes had 'my stuff' in them - decoratey stuff I haven't had a place for here, but that's special to me, mostly Willow Tree figurines and some ceramic lighthouses. Just annoying to have to deal with water damage, mold, etc. here. And it's not even rainy season!

Just got news that one of our co-workers is back in the hospital - when we were in the hospital with Benny, he returned from a trip to another island very sick and was hospitalized for dehydration at that point. Since then he's been very frail and weak, and unable to eat much. Now his test results show typhus, and whatever blood level they check for liver function is 5x what it's supposed to be. Very scary - on my heart right now.


  1. well, this is just too cute, too! what page is the cupcake on? i may need it, also!

  2. That set is in the online catalog on page 26.


  3. We take so many things for granted here. I realize your service in the ministry puts you and your family in the middle of so many threats and SO much stress. I'll lift your co-worker up in prayer.

  4. What a lovely idea this birthday shaker.Super.

  5. What a happy card! I love the colors and the use of the shaker...perfect for a birthday :O)