Thursday, August 30, 2007

be our guest!

Not that I was a tomboy, but I despised Barbies and shied away from most things "girly" as a child. I'm still not incredibly girly, though I have my moments...but when I saw this image in the smARTworks catalog (and it's tea, so of course I had to have it...), I couldn't help but see dear Mrs. Potts from Disney's Beauty and the Beast in the teapot. That movie came out when I was 16, a pretty vulnerable age for any girl, girly or not. Still one of my favorites...and why did I not buy the DVD when it was out of the Disney vault last? Next time it comes out I'm buying it, and it's going with the MOM movies, not the kid ones.

I'm almost embarrassed to post this, especially because more than one of you out there know I can't stand pink and purple together... Seriously, I cringed more than once as I was making these. I have a 4-1/2 YO daughter who is everything I was not as a child, and I'm completely at a loss.

Anyway, here is the set. I envisioned the matchbook card as a party invitation for a little girl, the place card for the tea party, and the clip as a little favor. As far as coloring, I added some lines to the tops and bottoms of each tea set piece to make them more Mrs. Potts-y, then colored with my Prismacolor pencils. There's lots of glitter and bingies on each piece too. (I noticed after looking at the card picture that one of them fell off - I've replaced it, for those of you who would lose sleep wondering otherwise!)

Hm, what other interesting details can I share without this being forever long? Oh yeah, a hint for making matchbook cards - fold up the short end (about an inch) and attach the ribbon through the card (through two 1/8" holes) first before you fold and score the long end. That way you can tuck in the long end and make sure it's good and snug in the fold.

So there you go! Out of my comfort zone for sure...but kinda cute, after all. And do you have that song in your head now too?

Next time I'll show you my "out of the box" entry for Shannan's contest - here's a little sneak peek, before I go crazy looking at all the pink and purple......!


  1. Ooooh - this is fabulous! Excellent job!

  2. This is adorable! I love it....could it be because I AM indeed MRS. POTTS???

  3. Oh my gosh I totally am singing it in my head, with the orchestra and Angela Langsbury right now! :o) Love it!

  4. Wonderful art. Love the colors. Thanks for sharing a color combo you aren't delighted with. Well done.

  5. CherylQuilts8/31/2007 2:31 PM

    Dina, this is darling! I love the placecard too.

  6. Mrs. Potts would be proud! Great card Dina! I wasn't very girly as a kid either. Hated pink! Now I love it! LOL

  7. great card and colors. 16?? I don't remeber going to see it in theaters, but I do remember that I was married with 2 kids... We bought the VHS tape for the girls and my third daughter had to watch it every night in order to go to sleep.