Friday, July 06, 2007

thank you..very much...

I'm in the slow process of reorganizing my unmounted stamps so the groupings in each CD case make more sense. I got up to the Thank You stamps this morning, and found it sort of humorous that I have so many...there are actually a few more that are stored either in company-dedicated binders or with another category (like "thank shoe" with the shoes, or "thank you beary much"...yep, with the bears, "thanks a melon" with...well, you get it. And you get my cheesy sense of humor!). Anyway, now I have all the plaino thank yous in one case, and the rest of them (thanks/a bunch/so much/for all you do, blah blah blah) in the other. Niiiiiiiiice.

Interesting day at my house...I have one kiddo (3yo) with no appetite, weird sores around his eyes, and a temp (up to 104 underarm yesterday - DH suspects chicken pox - I'm not sure...but I've never had them and I don't want them now!)...the baby is cutting teeth and also had a fever...and my 6yo has his first loose my daughter is starting to feel sick...!

On a happy note, I fiiiiiinally got my order from Impression Obsession (our 1st class mail takes 6 weeks to get here)! I sat down just now to play with the Damask Floral set - love it - and it turns out there are a couple of bubbles in the stem of one of the stamps, and it doesn't print in that one spot. GAH! But...I emailed Mitra and she is going to send a replacement to me first thing Monday 6 weeks from expecting some fabulous damask cards from me! No, I'll try to post something sooner when I have time...just ignore the hole in the stem! :)


  1. Poor babies, poor Dini! I've never heard of Chicken Pox doing that around the eyes. Hope you find out what it is soon - that's a really high temp.
    Love those CD cases - I have unmounted almost everything I have & just love all the room it gave me! Whoever thought of that idea deserves a medal.

  2. love your blog i have just tagged you
    Bye For now

  3. Hey mama, sorry your babies are not feeling well! Hope they get better soon!
    I tagged ya...