Thursday, July 19, 2007

I won!

I've been fascinated with the monthly contest at A Monthly Rubber Stamps Club, mostly because the majority of the entries were "not my style" and I couldn't figure out what it took to win. Well...I did it! I won a $50 gift certificate from Stamp Zia. Niiiiiiice! Looks like they have a ton of great accessories and papers - I can't wait to go shopping - woo hoo! Stamp Artist of the Month...hmmm...yep, nice ring to it. ;)

All supplies and instructions are listed at the link above, so if you're curious you can check them out from there. Stamps are all from smARTworks. I love the arch templates I got from the Hero Arts site - I check in on Shari Carroll's blog periodically, and she had posted about them there with a link to a new technique article for HA. Shweet!

(Whew, lots of links for you to click on today!)

We took our little guy for a follow-up appointment last night - apparently his liver is still should go down on its own but in the meantime we need to continue keeping him "less active" and try to keep him well (great - his older brother and sister have had fevers and coughs since we got home!). We go back in a week for another checkup...if his liver is still enlarged at that point he will have to have bloodwork done.

That's life at our house today!


  1. So glad to hear about Benny, first of all. Congratulations on your win, second of all.
    Your card is beautiful. So elegant. I love those arch cards, something I have to try out.

  2. YEA! I was tickled pink when I saw your name attached to that winning entry! Such an elegant card. I'm turning cartwheels on your behalf!