Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea...

I love that quote! And you know I love tea. :)

This is one of the images I was able to color while we were away - by smARTworks, from the new acquisitions from Angi-B (Tea Square - single stamp). When I first saw this image I thought "paper tole". Paper tole involves stamping an image several times, then layering the images, removing pieces each time, to create a dimensional piece. This piece ended up with 3 layers and was pretty easy to assemble. I've done others and seen even more that can get pretty piled up and verrrrrrrrrry tedious. This wasn't so bad. The card ended up a 4-1/4" square.

Coloring is done with Prismacolors and OMS. I keep my pencils in a leather case that I got from Dick Blick (actually 2 leather cases now...) - they're safe from little hands, and from rolling away, and they're very portable. And they stay in the right order, which is important to people like me, who since kindergarten have gotten a little weird when their pencils were not in rainbow order (a quality I see now in my 6YO son - scary).

To layer the images I used a very thin foam - a few years ago I got some foam sheets on ebay - it was a bit misleading and the foam is actually pretty much useless for anything but paper tole -I tried to use it on my UM stamps and it stretches. Dumb. It's really too thin for wood mounted stamps...but just right for paper tole. Very very thin.

One new trick I learned recently - I heated the ribbon lightly with my heat tool to get the crinkly look. It gives it just a little touch of whimsy. Love it.


  1. Too, too cute!
    Love that little tea party set!

    Pencils lined up all in a row...
    have you ever watched Monk on TV?
    It's one of my favorites :)

  2. Super cute card - I love that look but don't have the patience to do all that detail cutting.

    And *LOOOOOOOVE* your new blog photo!!!!!

  3. Beautiful card! Great binder for the pencils.

  4. Great color combo! Paper tole is always impressive, too bad more stampers don't take the time.