Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just for fun......

My 6YO has an infected ingrown toenail so he's been soaking it faithfully with epsom salts...the other day when he finished, the bowl of water was still on the floor and my littlest guy hopped right in to sit. Isn't he the cutest thing? I actually saw him take a step today, between the sections of our couch. Bless his heart - 14 months and not walking, and still not one tooth! (BTW, not worried about the walking - my 2nd and 3rd kiddos didn't walk till almost 19 months!) Also thanks to those of you that prayed for the burn on his hand - he's doing really well!

Bit of an emotional house helper waited until the last possible minute to let me know that she needed to go home, and wouldn't be coming back for a few weeks - she apologized for not telling us before but she didn't know how to tell us and she was just so sad about having to first I wasn't sure that she was going to come back at all, but after a little discussion it seems she'll be able and wants to come back after helping with a youth camp and then helping her family out for a little while. Bless her heart - her hometown is a couple of hours away, and she'd been able to keep in touch with her family and friends by cellphone/text messaging, but her phone had gotten messed up somehow, and for the last 2 weeks she's been out of contact with anyone and lonely because of that - when she came back to us 2 weeks ago her mother and a younger sibling were sick, and she hadn't heard if they'd gotten better or worse - she'd thought of asking to borrow my phone to check on them but she was too shy and embarrassed to ever ask, and we didn't least she didn't leave because of us - we've been through that already and that was very discouraging.

Sooooooo......heap a little more on my plate! I'd been having fun today playing with some stamped backgrounds and new ideas...guess the cards will get done piece by piece - and when you see them, I hope you're really impressed! LOL


  1. You are so talented!!!
    I'm glad i found your blog.

  2. awwwww....isn't he a cutie!

  3. You are an inspiration to cope in our own easy lives while you cope with a more difficult situation. I would love to know more of how you came to be where you are in life, being a missionary and all those things. I can tell that the Lord has blessed you and your family with a gift of giving of yourselves. And as you give generously to others and bring his word to others, I pray that he bless you tenfold in your ministry and in your lives. I will also pray for the con't wellbeing and health of you and your family. God Bless

  4. Oh dear! Hope things are going well and that your helper can come back soon! Hugs and prayers for you!