Wednesday, June 20, 2007

gotta love living in a foreign country.....

I like using these cell phone jewel stickers on cards (what else?). I picked up this package today. The instructions on the back cracked me up, so I had to share them with you...

Operation method:

1. Please remove dirty and dust on the surface when stick.

2. Please tear the cell-phone which stick the back of the sticker.

3. After stick on the cell phone it needs 30 minutes that sticker could be totally fixed.

* Take down it from paper card and please pay attention to not being injured.

-When sticker is assaulted by brute force, acrylic will come off from the cell phone. Please take down carefully.

-It is not the products stuck on the skin directly. The person with sensitive skin will cause skin it ching and inflammation. So please don't stick it on the skin directly.

*Please place the products on the place where children be unable to get.


(There also was a sign above the toilet in the ladies room at the movie theater that said "It is forbidden to urinate on the floor." Thank goodness.........


  1. Those are hysterical (and the stickers are actually pretty cute, too!). Seeing as how I'm so klutzy, I think I need to make a sign to post in our living room: "Please Pay Attention To Not Being Injured"

  2. So funny! Love the ladies room sign too! I guess if you just look around you'll find lots of reasons to smile over there!

  3. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time. I loved reading the instructions for the flan mix that my sis brought back from Spain last year...gotta love translation...

  4. Oh my, those are too funny! :)