Friday, May 11, 2007

Always Friends........

We're due to take an extended trip home in December, and I can't wait - DH already told me I can fly to Michigan by myself for some "girl time" with my 2 best college girlfriends. That's my "happy thought" right now - something to definitely look forward to. It's been a few years since we were able to all get together, and then it was the 2nd of us getting married, so it wasn't exactly focused girl time, KWIM? Ahhh...just the thought of flying alone is a happy thought...!

This card is for my girlfriends. All y'all. :) Stamps are all by smARTworks, except 'friends' - that is a partial stamp from Stampabilities (I think - too lazy to get up and check). Back to my old standby layout and solution for using up scraps. See - more of that 'eek' paper from yesterday. :) Actually this card started off going a completely different direction but I messed up the main panel and still had the striped part, so this was the rescue effort. :)

I don't think I've ever used a photo stamp before. This one is just too sweet. Look at me, stretching myself again - yesterday shabby chic - today...vintage! I even used decorative scissors...! I colored in a few highlights with my Prismacolors. The set comes with the photo, the text background (top background panel) and a saying - "friendship grows one smile at a time". that polkadot faux ribbon is also a smART stamp - it comes with a gingham ribbon one too.

I used the Versamagic chalk inks again - that's Sage on the top panel and Jumbo Java on the words and picture. How can you not love ink called Jumbo Java?


  1. So glad you stopped by and asked about my post. The girl on the bike on the hill is the box that the cards are kept in, not a card. If you look close at the picture you can tell it's a box (not very deep though). You have a lovely blog! Glad I came to visit!

  2. Gorgeous card.

  3. How pretty! I'm seeing that these photo stamps are becoming pretty popular! Neat!