Sunday, April 08, 2007

She's got warm fuzzies...........

Do you ever make cards you can't bear to part with? I think this is going to be one of I made this one I just so badly wanted to be that little girl! She is definitely feeling the warm fuzzies of a sweet spring day.

This little sweetie is from Art Impressions. She's part of a front-back set - so yes...I have a stamp of her full backside, too, top to little bare toes. Ooohhh...ideas are flowing for a tri-fold card...but not tonight. Anyway, her front view is just from the waist up, so she's meant to be behind a fence or in a window, etc. The fence is also from Art Impressions...I can't remember but I think it is from the Watercolor stamps. The girl (ooh, she needs a name - OK, let's call her Penny, since that was the last girl name choice when we had a boy...) and the fence are colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with OMS. Oh, that green vine is also from AI. The flower stamp is one from a set of clear 'pressed flower' stamps I got on Ebay - I don't know what company or what seller, sorry! The grass is from Biblical Impressions (StraightForward line) and the butterfly is a piece of a smARTworks stamp.

The paper is a free download from, from a collection by Keely Simpson called Mommy Dearest. I covered most of it up but this piece has big dotty paisleys on it. Fun stuff. I was surprised the ribbon matched it so well - when I got that ribbon I thought it was a kind of weird orange, but works! The sticker came in a care package, and I thought it was fitting.

My parents are coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and Mom was telling me about the packages that have come for me that she's bringing over...several have arrived containing donations of paper, ribbon, embellishments, etc. for the craft projects for our upcoming conference, and there are also several things that I've ordered that are mixed in.....a sheet of stamps and Twinkling H20s from Merry Stamper, my prize package from smARTworks, a few unmounted stamps from CowTown Stamps (I was ordering stickers for a kids' craft, and the stamps were only a dollar if I could resist...), and some other stuff I can't remember now because it's past my bedtime! Fun, fun, fun! (except for the voice of my Mom in my head laying a guilt trip on me....tell me I'm not the only one....)

Happy Easter! He Is Risen Indeed!

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  1. Yes! I so know that feeling! I have a few cards that I just have to hold onto and can't bear to give away! Those are my 'treats' for myself! (And sometimes I give them to DH, so I still get to 'keep' them!)

    Bet you can't wait to play with all that new stuff! Yay for you!