Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sample Journal

If you read my previous post...this is what I'm talking about. :) Here is the sample journal that I finished today.

The journals that I can get here are approximately 6" x 9", spiral bound. Quick step by step...I removed the spiral first and cut 2 pieces of paper about 7" x 10". I folded one long edge over the punched edge of each cover and punched through the paper in each hole with an 1/8" punch. The paper was then adhered to the cover and decorated...I sponged the edges with black ink after I put the paper on the front cover.

That stamp with the 3 girlies is by Penny Black, and I think I stamped that image when I was at Jacki's house 4 years ago.....! The 'friend' stamp is from smARTworks (Hi Susan!). The ribbon closure - there is a ribbon taped to the inside of each cover, then I stuck a sheet of cardstock in (just slightly smaller than 6"x 9") to cover up my folded-in edges and keep the ribbon in place.

I colored the image with Prismacolor pencils - it just occurred to me that those girls are not in a scene! How unlike me...! The flower punch is a Whale of a Punch - the leaves are just another flower punchie - I cut into the center to make the points.

I think I've heard from 11 people now willing to donate supplies - I'm overwhelmed and so grateful! THANK YOU! (I hope my mom doesn't mind bringing it all...!!) It looks like I may have enough, too, for a separate craft for the teenage girls (I was thinking of doing a paper bag or envelope album). Yay!