Thursday, March 29, 2007

Same song, second verse.......

Here are a few more cards with the same basic layout as great surprises here. I think the mediterranean blue one is my favorite - love the quilty, batiky look. The scrap strip panels...I can get this great 2" wide double stick tape here, and I just stuck a big piece of it across the bottom of my card and lined up the strips.

The gold card has a little sheer ribbon tab below the horizontal panel that's kind of hard to see...I like the effect of that - it's subtle but just enough shimmer to cause a distraction and break up some of the lines. Look at those eyelets on the second card - and don't buy eyelets at Walmart. They just are too flimsy to hold their shape when you hammer them, good deal or not.

Sorry for the weird pictures...I'm trying to do everything one-handed this morning (whiny baby) so I took pictures in the office, dealing with some rather direct sunlight. ALRIGHTY.........on with my day! So glad it's Friday...............

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