Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not conducive to stamping.

The development of my tropical virus today is a rash! Just great. On my arms and my legs, especially on my hands, which are also swollen and itch like crazy. Not conducive to stamping. Ugh, I'm so annoyed. I'm hiding in the office because it's one of only 2 rooms in the house that have AC and it's not so bad in here. Is anyone familiar with Fifth Disease? I think that's what I have.

On a happy note...I have 3 new watermark designs to share with you! I'm really excited about these, and I think they're gorgeous...! Here they are..............

As always you can mix and match elements (like if you want #17 with created by so-and-so instead of initials, etc) - just let me know what you want. And if you haven't re-read my terms regarding payment, I'll just say here that I'm only able to accept bank-based paypal or a payment from your paypal balance, not credit/debit cards. If you want to place an order be sure you click on the watermark in the righthand column to get the full skinny first.


  1. my son had Fifth Disease the last time I was pregnant and there was a concern that I would get it. I'm sorry that you're feeling bad, but if you have the rash, it should be almost over right?? Did they say how long the rash would last?

  2. Oh my goodness your new watermarks are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I love #18 especially. Gonna have to do that soon.!!
    Shannan (steubner)

  3. Those watermarks are gorgeous!! I still haven't worked out how to use one, on my computer. :-( Sigh!

  4. Wow! Those are beautiful! For some reason though, I'm not seeing where I can view all of the watermarks. There isn't anything in the right column. ??

  5. Heidi, over to the right, under my picture and feedblitz subscription, there's a watermark (created by Dina Kowal with dk in the background) - click on that and it will take you to the samples and information.

  6. Dini
    I can't see anything in the right hand column either, all I see are your posts, and usually the first letter of the paragraphs are cut off, I don't know what's up, but I sure would love to get a beautiful watermark from you.......Thanks.