Wednesday, January 03, 2007

restrain? or buy myself a birthday present.......?

I mentioned the Rhonna Farrer flourish stamps, then I saw THESE at .......OMG, they are gorgeous, and the big ones are HUGE! (the picture represents a full sheet, 8-1/2" x 11") But the price, good-NESS! $28.50 for the sheet?!! (here we say - "aduh!")

But I like...

Arrrrrrrgh, what to do?

I probably wouldn't use the corner-ish ones, so could I justify the purchase thinking I could sell the ones I wouldn't use and recover some of the cost? (Anyone interested, by the way?!! enable me, anyone? anyone?!!)


  1. you might rethink selling off the corner ones. I use mine all the time for insides of cards and on envies.
    are the tuscan rose ones rubber? might be worth the money. The autumn leaves set that I have are polymer, and they tear easily. mnhyrkas

  2. You must buy!!! Those are cool, i'd love to see you create something with them. You could always RAK the corners ones, or better yet use them on photos or other images or stamp on acetate and overlay...ooooo the possibilities.