Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oh Christmas tree.....

I got my Christmas tree put up last night, with the help of my MIL (who patiently checked each bulb strung up the middle of the tree until we found the loose one...).

The tree is bigger than I wanted to get, but they were all out of the 6 foot ones at the store where they had the reeeeeeeally nice I had to get a 7. The 5 looked just so teeny, and we have 10 foot ceilings at this house, so I figured - why not? It's a onetime purchase, and I didn't want to be disappointed every year with one that looked too short. This one we can always shorten if our next house doesn't accomodate the height.

I wrapped it with white sheer ribbon instead of the tinsel - in the daytime it looks really white, but when it's lit the ribbon really takes the colors of the lights, and that's kind of a neat effect.

I love how the lights reflect off the wall in the corner too!

Happy holidays!

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  1. Your tree is lovely. Mine goes up tomorrow.