Sunday, December 03, 2006

A few of the reasons I haven't stamped this week...!

..........besides the fact that my in-laws are here! Here are my 4 wild wonders. :) A quick snapshot of each of them, from left to right:

Evan: 5-1/2 years old, just started Kindergarten this year and we are homeschooling. He has developed a recent interest in art and has always had an eye for color. He told DH yesterday that he would like to become an artist ("the painting, drawing kind"), and he keeps his pencils meticulously in rainbow order. He usually prefers to be known as Superman, and also has quite a knack for climbing.

Benny: 2-1/2, and a ball of energy. It's funny with him as he's picking up 2 languages simultaneously - often lots of his sentences are mixed, like, "Mommy, I mau juice"...! He follows in his big brother's footsteps quite often, though he's much more silly.

Elliot: 8 months old. He is a whiz in his new walker and yesterday he was chasing me! He is a sweet mama's boy, born in the tropical paradise in April. His new love is "people food" and he flat refuses to eat baby food now.

Emmaleigh: soon to be 4 this month. She is our lone princess, and loves being pretty and girly. In addition to being the only girl she also is kind of the loner of the bunch, and likes playing pretend by herself.

Those are my kiddos! :)

Yep, pretty much no stamping time this week. I have about 50 cards with a year-end letter to get ready to send home with my MIL to save on postage...RAKs to send to my Eureka RAK list girls, my drivers license renewal, insurance claim forms, gallery submissions for Eureka Stamps and My Heart Stamps for You, and some submissions for the Rubber Stamper if I ever get that far!! I do have a card in process (one of those "a few minutes at a time" cards), similar to this shaker card here but using stamps from Biblical Impressions.

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