Thursday, November 16, 2006

My beautiful mess.

Just had to share what my stamping space has looked like lately...and in my case a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind! LOL
The only difference now is that I have a CD spinner rack on the shelf to the left where that Velveeta box is, which holds all my unmounted stamps. My sewing machine is behind it instead of up top, and my box of cardstock is on top now. I had wanted to get a filing cabinet for it, but that has not happened yet. Maybe I'll look today again, since we are going to a few furniture stores.
Those are my Stampa Rosa House Mouse stamps up on top of the inkpad rack...they're just so darn cute, I like having them out to watch me play. :) It's nice having everything in reach now...before we moved here I stamped at a table in the pantry and everything except the most important stuff was behind me on a big dish rack. Not very professional! (not to mention the roaches and lizards, and the moldy wall....)
I'm excited that my in-laws are arriving tomorrow...I'm also excited that they are bringing me a bunch of stuff I ordered to save on scallop punches, Gamsol, watercolor paper, new pencils, snap stamps, some ebay purchases, and bulbs for my Ott Lite, which has been dead for a couple of weeks now!

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