Sunday, September 27, 2020

Paper Bead Projects!

My friend Kelly over at Paper Bead Rollers is having a little contest - the challenge is to make a teapot using paper beads! Here is the link to view the entries and vote, if you'd like to pick a favorite! 

The teapot bead is actually built of 5 different beads, which are all rolled strips of paper in different sizes and shapes. I used diluted acrylic paints and inks to layer up colors for a vintage copper look, and then dipped the bead twice in PC-Petrifier to harden and seal the paper.

Click HERE for some paper bead resources and basics! 

Here's another paper bead project I finished up today... this is a waaaaay overdue wedding gift for a friend, using her wedding invitation to make the larger beads. I love charm bracelets!

This week I'll be easing back into a work routine slowly - most of my work is not strenuous, so it will just be a matter of pacing myself and resting when I need to! So thankful to all my 'moms' that remind me to take it easy! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So sweet and so creative. I voted, too! Bless your heart. Sending healing prayers and vibes your way.

  2. BEAUTIFULLY DONE, Dina!!! I LOVE the copper color & the varying hues in the bead! I TOO VOTED FOR YOU!! ;) DO TAKE IT EASY & GET WELL FAST! It isn't easy to just STOP, when you're a go-getter like yourself! PRAYING FOR YOU DINA!!! ;)<3