Sunday, September 20, 2009

Amazing Grace

Our Daily Bread designs presented 2 of my sets back in July, but my copies got stuck in the mail...then when they did arrive, I didn't have the time to devote to working with them. This week I'm determined to do them justice. Here's my first and favorite card using both sets - Grow in Grace, and Amazing Grace Hymn. The base layer is watercolor paper. I stamped the dogwoods first and masked them with a liquid frisket before stamping the hymn. The mottled effect was done by using a brown blow pen after spritzing the panel with water. I watercolored the dogwoods and then added some shading with waterbased markers, blending with a waterbrush. I dotted acrylic paint in each flower center with a small stylus, and added some gold gel pen highlights on the flowers and around the edge of the entire panel. I positioned the sentiment panel, and trimmed around a couple leaves to accomodate it where I wanted it without covering up all my coloring. Here's a close-up of one corner:

Liquid frisket, or masking fluid...someone commented once that they wouldn't have the patience to paint over an image to mask it - the only problem I've had is not having the patience to wait for the panel to dry before removing the masking fluid (it's basically liquid latex and it dries and peels off like rubber cement, but if you don't wait, it will peel off ). I wouldn't have the patience to cut a mask out for such a detailed image! I am using Grumbacher's Miskit Frisket, which I purchased from

We so enjoyed our time this weekend with our house guest - he will be back again for a few nights later in the week before returning home. Ever meet someone for a few days and feel like you've known them for years? That's how it has been with him.

I met with a lady yesterday who's interested in helping me - I am sooooo thankful! It helps me to try to do it all myself for a few weeks to really appreciate having help when I do. We'll see how it goes this time! She is coming tomorrow for the first time.

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  1. Oh Dina! This card just beautiful!
    I dont see nothing problem!
    Great card!Fantastic coloring!

  2. Just gorgeous - from your original designing of the stamps to this card. Love it!!

  3. Awesome...and I have these stamps too :) <><

  4. Beautiful Dina!! Your flowers are fabulous against the music bg!! WOW!

  5. You said you were determined to do the set justice...well that turned out to be a big ol understatement;) This card is a jaw dropper- so stunning! You designed the set too- wow! You use a lot of interesting techniques and products that I did not know about. Thanks for sharing all that you do with us!

  6. So pretty...and pink too! Gorgeous!

  7. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! All your cards are amazing, but this card is frameable art!