Saturday, September 19, 2009

Life stuff

I have every intention of stamping today - I need the has been a busy weekend as we are hosting Aldi Lasso in our home - he's a national Christian recording artist, a friend of one of our students, who set up some concerts and other opportunities for him here over the weekend. It's been fun to have him here, and we've enjoyed his genuineness and excitement for life...he was here for one night alone, then his wife arrived late last night - he introduced me to her as the "best cook in the world" and keeps insisting that I should open a restaurant and he will work for me...ha! Funny, because we've always joked about that too - having a omelette & pizza restaurant (breakfast and dinner, closed for lunch) because all the toppings are the same, but we're sooooo not business people...

BTW, here is a great recipe for Cinnamon Sticky Buns...easy too, and I love that you can make them the night before. I had to substitute a few ingredients in the syrup since we don't have brown sugar or corn syrup, but they still came out great.

Still no helper - I talked to one of the teens that comes here frequently and she said her aunt would be willing to work for me, but because of the national holiday (end of the Muslim fasting month) she wouldn't be able to come until Wednesday. For some reason my hopes are not very high, but we'll see! Yesterday a friend came over to help and we folded 4 full baskets of laundry - so nice to have friends.

Guess that's it for now! What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Glad you asked!
    Our oldest granddaughter performed with others from the academy where they study voice, at our city's Convention Center on Saturday. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa had to be there. Her family and another daughter with her family then returned to our house for pizza and fun in the pool. I love to have them visit us!
    Today after church and dinner, I made a card for a friend who had a minor heart attack last week. My collection of smARTworks stamps had the perfect verse. Phil. 4:4. I am rejoicing that she is OK.