Tuesday, August 05, 2008


One final "Give Thanks" card using traditional Fall colors...I actually watercolored the background and base layer of this using coffee glimmer mist, so it has a bit of a copper sheen in real life. Details and shadows were added using a dark brown watercolor pencil. I love how it turned out - like an old still-life photo.

The tab is chipboard - I tried using some crackle paint on it but that didn't really work. I swiped it a couple of times with a tan-ish inkpad, then stamped the word stamp over top. The image stamp is also stamped on the background panel.

Kind of a draining day keeping in contact with one of my best friends, who is in another area of our country, taking care of her niece and brand new nephew, as her sister is in the hospital with cranial bleeding and very high blood pressure, not sure if she is in a coma or not. My friend's name is Wanda if you'd like to lift her up in prayer...she may be bringing the kids back here until things change with her sister, as she's having a hard time being away from her family here.

All our students are here now, and it's fun to see them begin to interact with each other. We have 5 families, 13 single guys, and 9 single ladies! I'll post some pictures soon on our family blog. Thanks for checking in on me!
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  1. You have a family blog? Where?

  2. GORGEOUS artwork! I would have never thought to use glimmer mist as a w/c. That's why you're an artist & I'm a wanna-be!!

  3. we do have a family blog - there is a link in the list on the left, but I went ahead and added a hyperlink in the post. Thanks for asking!


  4. I love this card!!!!
    The monochromatic look WORKS for this!! So warm and cozy! Just what a Thanksgiving card should be!

  5. OMYSTARS! That is truly amazing!

  6. WOWSERS, girl -- this is my favorite of all of yours so far!! What an amazing look this has!! GORGEOUS!