Friday, September 28, 2007

lovin' the ladies!

We got a care package from my brother yesterday, and look what a cutie stamp was in there for me! I love it! Love ladybugs, and the swirly leaves, and blueberries - how can you go wrong? The stamp is from a Canadian company, new to me, called the Artful Stamper. I thought the design looked just like a Magenta stamp - nope, I was wrong! Check them out - they have some super cute stuff.

This is truly not a typical color combo for, maybe I've used it on a Red Hat Society kind of card...but it was fun to play with anyway. Typical other stuff for me though - Prismacolor pencils, white acrylic paint, paper piecing, using up scraps.

Still working on getting settled in. Today we are scheduled to have the staff fellowship meeting at our house, and DH felt that we needed to provide a meal for everyone (probably 20 people) so that has been the fire under my behind to keep getting things straightened out. We're doing Mexican tonight, and I literally have been cooking all day - lemon bars, beans, chili pork, taco meat, cutting up tomatoes, limes, onions...still to come, fried cabbage, Spanish rice, and tortillas. If you have a Taco Bell within driving distance...boy do I envy you today! Fun stuff, and I love cooking...but by the time people get here I'll be ready to hide in a corner or fall into bed. I did draw a line and decided I wasn't going to try to lead any music tonight - enough is enough (or maybe too much?!).

That's me today!


  1. Ohhhh I love that stamp! I need to go check them out! Your card is so bright and fun...and the watercoloring is amazing (as usual)

    Good luck tonight...sounds like you have your hands full!

  2. What a cute card! Going to check out that stamp company...
    Sounds like a yummy dinner! What time should I be there? I'll even lead music! lol

  3. I'm with Shannon: sounds delicious and I'll lead the music - but my guitar skills are not so great, so maybe I'll just do it acapella!

    Anyway, what a cute card! I lost my love for ladybugs when we had two summers in a row of nightmare infestations of lady bugs, but these are cute enough to make me almost like them again! ;-)

  4. Hey Dini -- I was just browsing through the Whipper Snapper new releases and I found this stamp. It reminded me of a few days ago when you said you've always looked for a stamp with 2 girls or women with their arms around each other. We'll I know this isn't your typical style but it is cute and it seems to be what you were looking for. Just thought I'd pass it on :-)

    Donelda (wiggydl on SCS)

  5. What a great brother to send you the stamp. I am familiar with this company and have a few stamps from them, and they are all quite beautiful. You certainly made a beautiful card with it. By the way trust me when I say that The Mexican you make will be a million times better than what you get at Taco Bell. As a half Mexican by descent, I consider Taco Bell the worst excuse of Mexican in the world,( apoligies I don't mean to offend), Its just that I grew up eating my mom's true Mexican and now making my own and I always prefer the real.

  6. First off... Dinner for 20, wow. Homemade is way better than Taco Bell, I like the real stuff ;)

    That is so awesome that your brother sends you stamps. Your card is wonderful and glad to read that your getting settled in.

  7. Gorgeous card! I love the colours and the composition is fantastic. So fresh and lively. Yes, Artful Stamperhas some absolutely wonderful stamps. Well worth checking out.
    I have no affiliation with them, other than being a long-time customer! lol.