Monday, September 24, 2007

checking in...........

...........we actually have a phone line, so I thought I'd check in quick via dial-up. Here was our house yesterday - it looks a little better today...! It took us 5 or 6 trips in the truck to get all our stuff over, but we made it...the bummer was that it wasn't ready here to put things in the room they belonged in so everything got piled in the front. We've spent the last couple days shuffling stuff around so we could get it all in the right place. Still lots of little stuff to do, but we're in. We're sleeping here for the first time tonight - some co-workers have been really generous in sharing their space and food with us during the transition - huge blessing.

Except for a few boxes that were stacked back in a corner behind stuff, the embarrassing truth is that my studio is the only thing really set up so far...still waiting for cabinets and shelves to be put in in the kitchen, kids' rooms don't have the beds or dressers set up yet...our big closet finally got moved this know how it is...please tell me I'm not the only one that doesn't feel settled until "my stuff" is set up...! LOL
Here's a better picture of the colors in the main rooms - if you're a Prismacolor lover, the front room is almost Limepeel, and the main big room is about like Marine Green. Our bedroom is Muted Turquoise.
Better go - see ya later!


  1. DINA...IT'S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more pics! Hope you get settled soon. Hugs!

  2. WOW.....that is GORGEOUS!!!! What a fun color...and I love the big open fun!

    (Don't worry about the unpacking. We moved a year ago and I still have boxes stacked in our library.)

    Hugs to you!

  3. Woo Hoo! It's beginning to look like home!