Tuesday, September 11, 2007

African violet

I don't like this card, but I'm posting it anyway. Maybe someone out there will find something inspiring in it...or maybe someone will appreciate the fact that I made a card I didn't like...?! I so badly wanted to build the colors off the paisley paper (why?)...I think I like the pieces of the card individually...just not sure it really came together the way I wanted.

All stamps are from My Heart Stamps for You.

I do like how the watercoloring came out. I used my Derwent pencils, which just blend so nicely, and by coloring only where I wanted shadow and then blending, there's really a lot of depth here. In the centers of the flowers, I added a little color with ink from my Adirondack Eggplant pad, picking it up and applying with a waterbrush.

On the tag - I used my Stamp-a-ma-jig to position the words "with love" from the stamp shown here - I've never used it and it's not a sentiment I would probably put on a card, but I liked it this way. I used an Adirondack marker to ink the words.

Maybe I'll take the flower off and put a ribbon there instead. Is it the flower I don't like? There's just something about it. And why did I punch the corner? Oh well........

[House Help saga continues: my 2nd girl came back yesterday, and wants to work. The twist is...my main girl that started back to school is not going to be staying with us during the week now. She was going to have to take 3 different buses to get to school each day, which yesterday took way over an hour because of traffic, not to mention the expense. She has an uncle that works at the school that lives closer in and could take her each day. She asked if we'd be fine with it if she stayed with him during the week, and would come and stay and work for us over the weekends (coming back Friday noon, returning to school Monday morning). It's a much better deal for her, and she seemed so happy about it. We agreed. I'm glad she still wants to help us out - I would miss her like crazy if she never came back, and I'm sure her friend will appreciate it too. Now to get #2 out of her shell...]


  1. I like the card. The thing that bothers me is the brad center. (since you asked...not) do you have a tiny circle or flower punch? You could punch a center for the flower from the pattern paper or a darker paper?

    I have a card that is "missing something". I may post it tomorrow, check and give me your opinion ok?

  2. I love the card. I love your watercoloring of the violet and basket and like your bringing in the green/yellow together (the flower and the DP). It works!

  3. I saw your card and knew I was going to leave a comment telling you how beautiful it was (very eye-catching) before I even read your remarks. It's just gorgeous!
    I often get the most comments on those cards I am most hesitant to post. Funny.....

  4. I LOVE the African violets, and the whole card is very pretty. If you hadn't said anything, I honestly wouldn't have felt compelled to critique a single thing. But, since you planted the seed...I think maybe I'd like it better without the flower too. Or maybe the flower just needs to be a tiny bit smaller. But, like I said, I'm only looking at it because you called it to my attention!

  5. Your blog and your cards are wonderful!!
    Greatings of germany.