Monday, October 28, 2019

Impression Obsession - Die Cut Obsession

There are so many amazing dies at Impression Obsession - this special Monday feature lets them have the spotlight! We hope you're inspired!

I had a special request for today's post! One of my readers was curious about the Penguin and Snowman Accessories sets and if they could stretch to be used with other character sets as well. I had started making a set of interchangeable pieces backed with magnets, so I thought those would be a fun way to show how the sets can work together. The three sets I used (above) are:

I buy these 8"x10" magnet sheets to store my dies on - they have an adhesive back, and this is the best price I've found for this type of product, so I've bought quite a few! I cut all the snowman and penguin pieces out of the magnet sheets, and cut another set of just the bodies with the magnet sheet flipped over so that I could have bases that had the black side out on both sides (the accessories stuck better that way).

Here are the accessory sets:

DIE885-Q Snowman Accessories

DIE888-O Penguin Outfits

The penguin sweater is sized perfectly for his little bod:

He can also wear the snowman hat and any of the top hats, and the mittens fit his little flippers. The coffee is a great fit for him to hold, or anything else of the same size.

The penguin hats fit the small snowman. He can also wear the sweater! (It will fit better if you have him on a card front and attach the sweater to his body before attaching his head - I had his head glued to his body so the sweater's over his chin here.) I didn't add the mittens here because they didn't balance well over the thickness of the magnet on his skinny arms, but if you're layering them for a card front, they'll be just fine.

The hats all fit the larger snowman, and he can hold the coffee too.

Here were a couple of pieces that didn't fit - the large snowman's scarf is wider than the smaller one's neck - you can use the scarf on the penguin if you fluff his wings out a little. He does have a scarf that I didn't use in my set, and that one will fit the small snowman nicely. The sweater on the larger snowman is a no go.

I hope that's helpful information! Be sure to check out the other designers' blogs for inspiration - see the I.O. blog for all the details! And remember, you can use code OCT10 at Impression Obsession to save 10% on your orders through the end of the month - just a few more days, so if you've got an order waiting, don't forget that little savings!

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  1. Wow, how clever to use the magnets to help with answering the teacher's question. That idea could be used by the teacher, as well. Also, going back to my school days we had felt boards. Do you think the dies would cut the felt as well?

    1. They cut felt beautifully! Be sure you have felt with some wool content (100% or a rayon blend). Acrylic felt doesn't cut as well and tends to pull.

  2. You said with the black side
    out. Did you add white pieces
    to cover the black or did you
    mean the white side out? They
    look adorable and so festive.
    Carla from Utah

  3. Great job showing how these sets work together... and how they don't! I appreciate the time you took to mix and match. Super adorable as magnets too!

  4. Fabulous post! Thank you so much for taking the time to cut everything out and so beautifully illustrate what works and what doesn't!