Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mix-Ability challenge: Birth Flower

This week's Mix-Ability challenge is an inspiration challenge - be inspired by the flower that represents your birth month. Mine is a carnation... I don't love carnations, but I found a pretty digital stamp for free at Bird's Cards, so I went with a literal interpretation of the theme. I found a speckled variety of carnation that reminded me of our Pointillism tutorial, so I used that technique.

This is the image as I colored it... after I finished the blooms, I decided I didn't want to add any more color to it, so I left the stems white instead of moving on to green.

The image was cut into 9 squares using a Sizzix Gridworks (retired) die... I traced each opening with a mechanical pencil while the pieces were still in the die. Each square is layered onto a 1.5" Art Square from Inchie Arts. I intended to fit the image back together like it is above and put the sentiment in the upper left corner, but it didn't look right, so I did some shuffling until it looked balanced. The sentiment is from a Power Poppy set.

I've been working again this week on trying to index my unmounted stamps so I can catalog them using Evernote. I finally enlisted my daughter's help to stamp each image... we are up to almost 1200 stamps in the index, and we have so many more boxes to go... *sigh* But I'm hoping to have a system that is easy to navigate so someday I can have a sort of library and more open studio. We'll see what happens!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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  1. Beautiful and eye catching piece Dina. Wonderful project you are undertaking!!!! Let us know how it goes. I have all my dies on spreadsheets in Numbers on my Mac, and some of my stamps. That way I can sort by number or by name and it is also on my phone for when I go shopping....don't want to buy duplicates! The stamps are a real challenge as I have boxes of uncounted rubber and not a clue for a number or name.....oh boy!
    Paper Hugs,

  2. Your inchies design turned out beautifully Dina. TFS all your details.

  3. I DO love carnations!...and this card is wonderful! Love the pale pink and pointillism! Always eager to hear how someone organizes their "stuff" is such an on-going challenge! :) Wish you great success!

  4. This is terrific! I like that you left the stems white...and your "mixed-up" collage is perfect.