Monday, November 03, 2014

Die Cut Masking

 I haven't posted any pictures of my Journaling Bible in a while, so I thought I'd tie one into a simple tutorial that might be helpful and fun to try in other realms as well... I did this page this morning in response to some verses that encouraged me in the Psalms. The word 'radiant' is masked using die cut Frog Tape - this particular kind is formulated for delicate surfaces, and it's perfect for cardmaking and these thinner Bible pages.

I cut the letters individually using dies from My Favorite Things (the set is called By the Letters), laying the tape right onto the cutting plate of my Big Shot. This tape is 1.88" wide, so I could cut 2 rows of letters at a time.

The excess tape peels away easily, and I have these alphabet 'stickers' left to use as masks.

I used a craft knife to pick them up and place the ones I wanted...

...then sponged PanPastels over the mask.

I added a little stamping, then sprayed a workable fixative over the page before removing the stickers. I love the boldness of these letters, and this simple way of highlighting a key word. This would be a great technique for mixed media masking as well, with the alphabet dies as well as other shapes.  So many possibilities!

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  1. Wow, Dina, this is a wonderful idea, so very beautiful and creative! Love it! Your work is stunning! TFS! Joleen

  2. Your page is beautiful! Thank you for the lesson:)

  3. Dina, thanks so much for sharing this...I didn't know the tape came in "delicate" great tool to have. love the idea of using it on your Bible.

  4. What a fantastic use for Frog Tape. I love it when something I already have can serve a crafty purpose too. An inspiring page Dina.

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!! Just ordered the letters. :) This is one of my favorite projects of yours! It's inspired and makes me feel so good just to see it! Sounds strange, I know, but it makes me happy! If I ever learn to use my pan's, I'll jump right in there with you. ;)

  6. Dina, these pages in your journalling bible are amazing! I love that they remain smooth. Love that girl.

  7. I can't wait to do this - I ordered and will get my letters Saturday - whoopie - love that Amazon for fast service. Tell me, does frog tape differ from regular painter's tape? I was wondering if maybe it's less sticky?

  8. Excellent technique! so many possibilities!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  9. LOVE.... the journal pages you've been sharing and the tape technique.

  10. Do you happen to have a link to the Big Shot that you use? There seem to be a lot out there.

    1. The model I have (black/pink) is an older discontinued version of this one: - I'm pretty sure all the hardware is the same.

  11. How pretty! I love this idea. I am going to search your blog to see if you have a list of products safe to use on these thin pages. Will definitely be casing this idea.

  12. Ah - great!! Thank you for showing this. Hope I can find this tape where I live.
    Hugs, Candy