Monday, June 16, 2014

Power Poppy Post!

I snuck in over at the Power Poppy Blog - pop over there to see how I watercolored this card using Distress Markers!

My watercolored panel decided it wanted to grace a Twisted Easel card - thankfully they're pretty easy! I've been having fits with another foldy project that I'll share on Wednesday.

Hope you'll come visit me at Power Poppy - there's a video of the different techniques I used to color, and even an odd confession.

Happy Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Dina, I thought I was on your site, but left my comment on the power poppy. I really appreciate that you are a pencil artist. I love my pencils. I want to thank you for your tutorials, they inspire and teach as well. I love what you did with the distress markers. I am not into markers, but you mentioned watercolor pencils, and that's what I would use. Takes a little longer but relaxing. thank you so much for you tutorials and extra info. Learning everyday. Have a good day. OH! almost forgot. I do love this creation, inspiring.

  2. Truly a beautiful card not to see the video! TFS

  3. Beautiful tutorial! It's amazing how quickly your azalea comes together you're one talented artist! Thank you for introducing me to Distress Markers!

  4. A wonderful card ! Thanks you for sharing with us the techniques !

  5. Dina,
    I have had distress markers for a very long time, but haven't used them for coloring. Watching your tutorial has inspired me to try them. Thank you!