Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dyeing seam binding

I wanted to share two ways I color rayon seam binding – I bought the 100 yard roll of white seam binding on etsy so I could customize the color using my own inks and dyes (if you're not into dyeing, it does come in a bunch of other solid colors, too). I use about 2-1/2″ feet of ribbon for a triple bow.

For the first method of coloring, I swipe my inkpad(s) directly onto the ribbon, then spritz the ribbon with water and squish it around in my hand several times until the colors blend the way I like. While the ribbon is still damp, I tie it and shape it, then let it dry. It will stay in the same form that you give it when it’s damp. I've used chalk inks on this piece, but you could use any other ink that's water soluble with this method.

I used the ribbon on the card below - these are stamps from Flourishes' Berry Sweet set. I watercolored the image using Inktense and watercolor pencils, and added dimension to the berries using the technique described HERE. The image was cut out using circle dies, trimming some areas so they could hang outside the cut edge. I created a layered frame using circle dies and foam tape.
For the second method, I use my Touch markers, and color directly on the ribbon using 2-3 colors. Alternatively, you could use alcohol inks or reinkers for this step.
After I have the color and coverage that I want, I spritz the ribbon with rubbing alcohol until the colors blend.
I usually give it a good squish with my hand - you can probably tell that wearing gloves would be a good idea for this step!Here's my final product. The colors will fade slightly (but again, that could be from them bleeding onto my hand...?!) The alcohol stiffens the ribbon a little, which helps it hold its shape.Here's the card where I used this ribbon:You can read about it HERE.

Seam binding ribbon can also be colored using dye ink mists… I also like to drip several drops of reinker into a wet sink, then drop the ribbon into them until the colors look blended. I tend to like a variegated look, rather than a solid color. With 100 yards in a roll… there’s plenty of ribbon to experiment with!
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  1. You smarty woman!!!!
    I've literally used the Rit Dye packages! But I'm thinking your ideas are much less MESSY!!


  2. Wow, Miss Dina, this is such a great tutorial! Thanks so much! I am definitely going to give this a whirl! Love the way your seam binding ribbon turns out! Soo pretty! I prefer the variegated look too!

    Big Hugs!
    Shannon 8-)

  3. I've bought the 100 yd rolls of white seam binding as well. Have done a little coloring, & found that using a plastic bowl or an old plastic stamp case (stampin up) works well too. I place a few drops of re-inker into the container, then spray with a little water, then add the ribbon, scrunching & moving it around. You can always spray on more water or add more re-inker & water in a corner of the container. Really simple!

  4. ...forgot to add - I used my hands, too & don't like the "dyed" look - so next time I'm using rubber gloves!! Haha

  5. I've just ordered a huge roll of the seam binding and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I'm so glad I found your fabulous tutorial just in time :) Beautiful cards too!

  6. Boy do I have a lot of new techniques to try now that my new studio is finished. Yep, my husband finished putting together all the furniture in our Casita and this weekend I will finish nesting in it :) My first ever Playhouse and boy am I excited.

    I've never tired dying seam binding - actually, I haven't used seam binding on my cards or projects - ever! I know, I know, where have I been!? Thanks so much for sharing this, Dina. BTW: Love, love the raspberry card - simply yummy.

    Susie ~

  7. Thanks so much for your wonderful tutorial, Dina! It makes so much more sense to die white ribbons than to buy a ton of different colors! I know I will be trying your methods of dying seam binding!

  8. Oh thank you for this tutorial Dina!!! I have been wanting to try this for quite a while...So sorry that I have not gotten back to you on the watermark thingy...this weekend was my grandson's 3rd birthday and needless to say I spent all of my time with him...I will email you back about it...but now I am thinking I want you to revamp my entire blog...I think you do that don't you? Thanks again for being so prompt with your answer!!