Monday, October 04, 2010

acorn card and template....

Here's another of my samples from CHA - this was a fun one to make! Shaped cards can be simple and still pack a lot of punch. I created my own template for the acorn card, which you can grab below (right click and then click 'save target as') - feel free to resize and use it as you like, but please give credit here for the design, and link others here to download it themselves, instead of posting the template elsewhere. Thanks! It makes a fun card, but would make a cute feltie too, if you're into that! I used textured cardstock on my card, and stamped the Woodgrain Cover-a-Card on the card base for additional pop. The edges are sponged as well. The tag base is stamped with the same Woodgrain, and the sentiment can be found HERE. You can lay the acorn base over the fold of your card from either side - mine is folded at the top, and the cap covers over the fold so you don't see it.

Laying low AGAIN... since we handle the medical 'stuff' for the campus, everyone who's sick comes to our house to purchase OTC meds or ask for permission to miss class... feels like I've caught the flu bug that they've been passing around for the last week or so. Spent the day sneezing, with a low grade fever. My turn!! Sigh......

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Wow, I have visited your blog so many times and today I just knew I HAD to leave a comment - to let you know how I admire you! As your blog loaded I saw "Encourage on another" - well..divine intervention. Also it's a small world - my American penfriend(email)won some stamps from you awhile back and as she knew I loved palm trees etc she sent them to me :) So a circle from you to the USA and then to Australia - WOW :) Kindest regards Denise

  2. so sorry - hope you feel better soon!

  3. Fall is my favorite time of the year. So, of course I would love this card! Unfortunately, I cannot open the link for the template. Am I doing something wrong?