Monday, June 22, 2009

Amusing stuff of life.....

Yesterday this little beauty found its way to my desk...via a wish-list item expressed in an interview on the ODBD blog, a generous sister in Christ in North Carolina with a blessing to share, and co-workers who returned to the field this week with a little extra room in their suitcases which they spared for me! How cool is this? I'm especially excited about the fact that I can use those dusty Fiskars texture plates in them (we just had to trim them down a little, which was an adventure (sawing, melting, sawing again, sanding), but it ended up alright!). Happy me! A freakish egg that came with my order yesterday...what is that? I am almost afraid to crack it open. Doesn't it remind you of the Ugly Duckling story?

And finally, a picture I snapped with my phone at the grocery store the other day - if you are a Facebook friend you know I collect pictures in town of what has been deemed "Engrish" - Asian interpretations of the English language...
FUNNY BUNNY - With her talent, smart move, and accurate
she can make a good score and win the games
because she is very enjoy being bunny
Wonder if that bagger will ever wear this shirt again...

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  1. Fun post!!! Cool new toy - haven't heard of it, I'll have to google it. Freaky Egg... and love the Engrish, though I also have to wonder about the big ol' sweater collar on what looks to be a thin t-shirt?? :)

  2. Don't diss the poor egg just cause it looks different! ;-) That would be the one I'd choose first. I bet it's tasty! :o}

    ~ dana c

  3. HI Dina,
    fabulous pictures.
    Dina if you have a minute could you get back to me if you are intested to make a watermark for me?
    thank you

  4. Dina what a blessing this new toy will be! Enjoy it! I know you will!!! Love the photos too... I've had funky eggs before... not to worry! LOL at the tee shirt! We deal with the translation issues too... my hubby is constantly trying to figure out what's being said in technical data when there just isn't an appropriate word... like tonight he was reading about a metal part that had a problem they referred to as "osteoporosis".... it's constant and we just have to chuckle, though the repercusions could be huge when it comes to business!!!

  5. That egg looks just like an egg I just brought home from the farm I buy my eggs from. It's in the frig. I haven't cracked it open yet. I wonder if it has a double yolk. One time I came home and four eggs had double yolks. I've actually had an egg with three yolks. Weird. That could have been triplett chicks.

  6. Oh the highlights of living overseas - glad the Lord has put so many of them close by to make you smile! What a blessing to get such a neat machine & the ability to get those plates to fit!!!

  7. What a wonderful new toy to receive! And love the egg and t-shirt! Too funny! My mom gets her eggs from a local lady in her town and the eggs are so deliciously fresh! Even when they are a little bit different!

  8. Love the photos...too funny! I would eat the egg, by the problemo! And congrats on getting your machine!!!! I'm sure it was a chore to cut down the plates, but well worth it!

  9. Hi Dina,
    Love the picture of you with your machine. I hope it will be helpful to you in your mission work. God is so good.