Saturday, April 25, 2009

New stamps a-comin'........

Here's a sneak peek that shows a little bit of 2 new releases coming in May to Our Daily Bread designs! Both sets are patriotic themed, and there's a separate Pledge of Allegiance stamp coming as well. If you're not so into the patriotic theme, imagine the possibilities of this eagle with the set On Eagles Wings! More to come, definitely. This card is watercolored - I actually found some watercolor paper locally - a recognized brand (Canson) but not as heavy as I'd like it to be...I still haven't figured out how paper weight in grams compares to the pound notation we use at home, but this is 200 grams, I think. I found some the other day that was 220 but it's larger sheets and I haven't opened it yet. Anyway, at least it was good to know I have an alternative here when I run out of the 'good stuff'! It has a cute little dotty texture to it too.

I think I have a general fear of pure primary colors on my cards, so I did my best to [respectfully] dirty this up a bit with sponging and some blow pen action. Also, a tip on the stars - you can use a white glaze pen to color them in before watercoloring, and the glaze will resist the paint. Or there's always Miskit Frisket... ;)

The rest of the team will be posting their own sneak peeks throughout the week, so be sure to check them out too - links are to the left!
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  1. Beautifully done, Dina! You certainly made those images salute! :D

  2. Beautiful card! I can't wait to order this set.

  3. Wonderful card! You are soooo good at that "dirty" look. I just discovered that SCS has a "cards to servicemen" (or something like that) as an outlet for those patriotic cards I love to fashion. I need to check it out more carefully.
    2 questions: What is a "blow pen", and "Miskit Frisket"?

  4. Girl can you ever color! This is one GORGEOUS card!! WOW!!

  5. Phenomenal, girl!!! Love the "dirtied" look! It works well with these images!